What is Scraawl SocL®?

An advanced social media and online data analytics tool

Scraawl SocL® is an enterprise level, easy-to-use, web-based social media listening and analytics tool. Scraawl SocL® searches, analyzes, and visualizes social media conversations and news data, providing a user with a detailed 360-degree analysis. Using advanced text and social network analytics, Scraawl SocL® helps brands and agencies understand their global audience, manage customer experience, improve public relations, drive strategic growth, and develop new clients.

What Can Scraawl SocL Do For You?

Unlimited possibilities for accurate social analytics and reporting

Advanced Text, Graph, and Network Analytics

All the analytics you’ll ever need, at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

Data Feeds

Import and analyze posts across various social media platforms.

Basic Statistics

Top users, hashtags, mentions, URLs, and more

Network Analytics

Influence discovery, community detection, and social and friendship graphs

Social Metrics

Monitor engagement and reach for your brand

Geo-Spatial Analytics

Heat maps, geo-referencing, geo-profiling, geo-fencing, and geo-filtering

Image Analytics

Media and avatar galleries

Behavioral Analytics

Bot detection with reported confidence ratings

Advanced Visualization

Word clouds, timeline views, heat maps, and community, social, and friendship graphs

Natural Language Processing

Named entities, topic modeling, and sentiment analysis

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