What is Scraawl PixL®?

A tool for processing and exploiting video and image data

Scraawl PixL® is a high fidelity, cloud-based video and image processing and exploitation tool that significantly reduces the time for analysis and delivery of actionable intelligence. Scraawl PixL® offers an easy-to-use interface and workflows for analyzing video and image data from online digital platforms, security footage, and surveillance feeds. Machine learning-based algorithms enable face detection and recognition as well as object detection, tracking, and classification.

What can Scraawl PixL®do for you?

Analytics for transforming information in pixels into data for business intelligence

Scraawl PixL® extends current intelligence analysis capabilities by enabling end users to interactively and efficiently analyze large amounts of video and image data. Using Scraawl PixL®, analysts can quickly identify the most relevant and valuable information in imagery, discover and monitor activity patterns, and identify entities of interest. As a web-based tool, Scraawl PixL® has applications in a wide range of commercial and defense domains including security and surveillance, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) full motion video (FMV) analytics, and account monitoring.

Scraawl PixL® Features

Dynamic Dashboard

A web-based visualization and analytics dashboard allowing for easy access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Face Detection and Recognition

State-of-the-art convolutional neural networks and deep residual learning-based analytics.

Object Detection and Tracking

Deep learning-based analytics for detection of multiple object classes and prediction of the positions of bounding boxes.

Scalable Pipeline

A scalable data ingest pipeline, data store, and workflow manager for management of the entire video intelligence cycle.

Interactive Video Player

Embedded video player that can zoom, pan, and change hue and saturation.

On-Premise Install

On-premise install, behind your corporate firewall, for analytics on proprietary data sets and data feeds.

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